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Post date: Mar 15, 2010 11:24:05 PM

The Miscellaneous Components Win32 package contains a number of handy components that can be used in your Delphi applications. If you download this package, you must also download and install:

Please note that this is for Win32 Delphi 2005 projects only.

* Drop a TStandardSystemMenu on your application's main form. It's Window Menu will now have the standard options - Restore, Move, Size, Minimize, Maximize and Close, rather than the subset provided by normal Delphi applications.

* Drop a TRunOnce component on your main form, and you will only be able to run a single instance of your application on a computer at any one time. But that's not all! It's OnOtherInstance event gets called if another instance tries to start, passing the command line parameters from the second instance.

* Drop a TPersistentPosition on your main form, and your application will run at it's previous position. Supports Minimize and Maximized states, too.

* TNTAboutBox provides a standard-look About Box. Drop one on a form, and call it's Execute method.

* THyperlinkButton allows you to put a hyperlink on a form.

* TMessageDisplay displays messages containing text, graphics and components

* TTrayIcon displays an icon in the system tray and allows you to use it to control your program

* TExSplitter is derived from the standard TCustomSplitter but provides mimimize and restore functions

* TRichEdit2 is derived from TRichEdit but provides AutoURLDetect and AutoURLExecute properties.

* TThemedScrollBox is derived from TScrollBox but supports Themes on XP systems

* TExRichEdit is a new rich edit control designed to work with all versions of the Microsoft rich edit control.

* TRegistryPersistentOptions & TIniFilePersistentOptions are components designed to make storing your programs options easy.

* TNewsRichEdit is a new rich edit control designed to format characters in newsreaders

* TSpellChecker is an interface between TExRichEdit and the ISpell spell checker.

* TSplitterPanel is a panel with an optional splitter at each edge.

* TFileCopier is a component that allows you to reliably copy groups of files.

This is a resource package for: XN Resource Editor - Fully Featured Resource Editor with Delphi Source Code

Only Delphi source code is included in the archive.