Low Level Utilities - Resource Package

Post date: Mar 15, 2010 11:19:49 PM

The Low Level Utilities package is a Win32 runtime package containing units and classes that are used by the other packages on this website.

Please note that this is for Win32 Delphi 2005 projects only.

* RAS.PAS is an import unit for the RAS functions in RASAPI32.DLL

* TWAIN.PAS is an import unit for the TWAIN functions in twain_32.dll

* RICHOLE.PAS is an import unit for the IRichEditOle Interface

* MultiLanguage_tlb.pas is an import unit for MULTLANG.DLL

* GraphFlip contains simple functions to quickly rotate 24bpp bitmaps.

* unitExGraphics contains SystemPalette2 - a simple black and white palette, and SystemPalette256 - a web compatible 256 colour palette. It also contains the iHLSToRGB function for converting colour formats.

* unitCharsetMap contains functions for obtaining font charset and codepage information from ISO charset strings

* TExRegistry, derived from TRegistry provides additional registry handling capabilities, including support for Multi String values, and importing and exporting regedit compatible .REG files

* TVirtualMemoryStream derived from TCustomMemoryStream allows you to reserve contiguous blocks of memory.

* unitMIDIGlobals contains constants, type definitions and low level functions useful for manipulating MIDI data

* TMidiTrackStream is derived from TVirtualMemoryStream and allows you to load and save track information from MIDI files.

* TVersionInfo allows you to access details held in Version Info resources from your programs

* TObjectCache allows you to store objects in a fixed-length cache

* TStreamTextReader allows you to treat streams like a text file

* TGoogleLikeStringSearcher allows you to search strings using Google-style expressions

* TTextFileReader is a fast text file reader.

* TBTree is a disk-based B-Tree index which associates an integer value with a variable length string. Supports strings up to about 2000 characters. Also allows sorted sequential access of strings and their associated integers.

* TDataTree is a disk-based B-Tree index which associates a variable length string value with an integer.

* TIndexTree is a disk-based B-Tree index which associates an integer value with another integer value - effectively providing a sparse array of integers.

* TBTreeIterator is a support class that allows you to quickly iterate through a TBTree

* TDataTreeIterator is a support class that allows you to quickly iterate through a TDataTree.

* TParser is a base class for syntax parsers

* TCPreProcessor is a 'C' language pre-processor, derived from the TParser class

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