Advanced Delphi Driver Development Kit

Post date: Mar 22, 2010 3:06:13 AM

After finding and posting: Delphi Driver Development Kit, I researched further into the creation of drivers in pure Delphi and i discovered KmdKit4D [ Page in Chinese]. A Graphical User Interface called Meerkat was created by an Arabic coder named STRELiTZIA in January 2010 for KmdKit4D.

KmdKit4D allows creation of advanced kernel drivers in the delphi language. KmdKit4D is similar to the driver project by Hacker Defender Project in that it uses the same techniques to create drivers from delphi source files. Differences include the refined source code and different sample projects. Through Meerkat, KmdKit4D hasa compiling and testing GUI for the drivers.

Sample driver delphi source code features projects named:

    • Basic Driver
    • File Works
    • Look Aside List
    • Registry Works
    • System Modules
    • ZwDeleteFile Sample
    • ZwLoadDriver Sample
    • ZwQuerySystemInformation Sample

KmdKit4D Release Notes: [Edited for readability]

KmdKit4D - Advanced kernel mode driver kit
KmdKit4D was created to facilitate the development of drivers with Delphi.
Coff2o.exe - used to generate COFF format object file using Delphi

Link.exe - Microsoft Linker.

Make.exe - Delphi's own compiler.
Rmcoff2.exe - used to change Delphi generated OMF format object file into Microsoft's COFF format, so that the objects can be linked using Microsoft Linker.
Other directories as follows:

Include - This directory contains the necessary Delphi files (. DCU), to compile in Delphi2010.

Include7 - This directory contains the necessary Delphi files (. DCU), to compile in Delphi 7.

Lib - This directory contains the drivers necessary for Delphi developers library file (. Lib), used by link.exe.

Samples - Examples of using KmdKit4D development-driven process.
Source - this directory contains the include directory of the source code module file, you can modify as needed, do not forget to recompile the modified and to compile generated after the dcu files to include or include7 directory.
Tools - This directory contains a number of tools.

Meerkat Release Notes:

Meerkat 1.0 Advanced kernel mode driver GUI by STRELiTZIA for KmdKit4D.

07 jan 2010 release:
    [+] First public release 1.0
    [+] Display building steps.
    [+] Build and Run.
    [+] Rebuild sources (KmdKit4D units) after modifications.
    [+] Custom Compilation en Linking flags.
    [+] Create custom standalone "MakeFile".
    [+] Driver manager (Register, run, stop and unregister options).
    [+] General informations about Driver.
Meerkat uses the following comandline tools :
    Maker: Version 5.4  Copyright (c) 1987, 2009 CodeGear.
    Compiler : Delphi Version 15.0
    Copyright (c) 1983,2002 Borland Software Corporation.
    OFF Converter : RMCOFF 1.0 COFF Utility tool for KmdKit4D (Delphi & BCB)
    LanHua (mickeylan).
    Linker: Microsoft (R) Incremental Linker Version 7.00.9210.
Greetz to:
    AT4RE, Delphi4Arab and mickeylan for (KmdKit4D & RMCOFF 1.0)


This tab enables you to build drivers from Delphi source code.

This tab allows you to specify the compiler options for the Delphi source code.

This tab allows you to register, run, stop and unregister your newly created drivers.

This tab allows you to receive detailed information about your driver.

The archive contains both Delphi source code and the executables for compiling the source code.

Note: rmcoff needs to be unpacked