Dodge - Amateur Game

Post date: Mar 9, 2010 12:16:48 AM


Coder: Si

Modder: Mittsville

Compiled: Delphi 2007



Dodge is DelphiBasics' entry to the fancy delphi application contest.

"Here's another simple yet addictive game written in Delphi. Dodge game has a simple rule: collect the blue squares, avoid the red circles (dots).

A great way to learn controlling the mouse; Dodge has a simple user interface - one full screen (can be resized) window. When the game starts there are two red squares on the screen: one "fixed", one moves as you move the mouse.

When you hit the first square with the second square (mouse) a new red circle starts floating around the screen. The next time you hit the square, another circle drops in. Circles float at different speed.

Your task is to hit the blue square as many times you can - while trying to avoid the red circles. Each new circle in the game wins you an extra point. The more points you have - the better you are."

The original Dodge was coded by Si.

Mittsville has modified the code for greater efficiency and the inclusion of power-ups!

"DodgeVersion1" and "DodgeVersion4" contain only delphi source code. [Some of the source code was lost].

"DodgeBinaries" contains executable files since I cannot emulate the quality of the first releases when compiling.

"DodgeFlash" contains a flash game which was the inspiration of this project.