Delphi Basics Game Database - AQA Computing CPT6 Module - Delphi Source Code

Post date: Feb 28, 2010 6:08:22 PM


Coder: Si


Compiled: Delphi 2007


This project is a source code example of an A* A-Level project for the AQA Computing CPT6 practical module.

Si has gone above and beyond the expectations for the practival module to enable you to focus on the documentation of the project which is where most of the marks are.

We hope that you find this example useful.

Share it with your friends and, in return, we ask you to recommend them to our delphibasics community. :)

Project Features:

- Full database manipulation

- Add record

- Delete record

- Save record

- Save record file

- Validation

- Login system [with different levels of access]

- Report printing features

- Database backup features

- Search and Sort features.

- Bubblesort and automatic search

All coded in delphi with no 3rd party components.

Here are some screenshots:

The download is at the bottom of the page :)