Webexe by Aphex

Post date: Mar 12, 2010 1:08:03 AM

Webexe is a wrapper for EXE files on NT/2000/XP/2003. Instead of storing the update file inside of a stub it is downloaded from a URL directly into memory. This means that each time the webexe is executed a fresh copy of the update file is downloaded and executed DIRECTLY FROM MEMORY. The update is NEVER written to disk for file protection.

Note I:

Webexe uses CreateProcessEx to execute the update file from memory. Select uExecfromMem [Memory Execution Unit - [WinXP|WinVista|Win7] - uExecFromMem] memory execution procedure for Windows7 compatibility.

Note II:

Aphex released Webexe with an editor to change the url inside the application. The editor worked by locating the string "afx" and patching the bytes after to contain the selected URL. Source of the editor was not released. Therefore it is not included in the archive.

Coder: Aphex

Compiled: Delphi6

Only delphi source is included in the executable.