Tiny Downloader - 2.5 KB

Post date: Jun 7, 2010 9:55:39 PM

Tiny Downloader was coded by GreedyFly with some source code written by Ms-Rem. It uses a method from n0v4's "Small Applications in Delphi" tutorial which is removing the Run-time library from the source code by reducing the necessary source code in the system and sysconst units. Of course, when using this method, you are required to manually declare all Windows Apis used in the project; no problem for a simple downloader requiring two such Apis.

Using this method, the size of the downloader is 3.5 KB. To further decrease the size of the executable, we can utilize a packer, such as UPX:


This reduces the size of the final application to 2.5 KB.

The attached archive contains two executable files:

- The command line compiler from Delphi 7

- UPX packer

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