PE Optimizer

Post date: Mar 24, 2010 12:40:51 AM

PE Optimizer v1.4 is an tool for optimization of Win32 PE files.

I. Algorithm of this program is simple:

1) All relocations are cut, THEY ARE NOT NEEDED IN EXE FILES.

2) Alignment of PE header is reduced to the minimal secure value (16

bytes), all rubbish is deleted from the header as well.

3) Alignment of header and all sections is reduced to its minimal secure

value (200h bytes), this way - all empty sections are erased. Only

presense of sections is deleted, records about them in headers are not

deleted, so after loading of file into the memory it will be the same as

the one before optimization.

II. Settings.

1) BackUp.

BackUp copy is made if this option is set. Backed Up file has *.bak

extension. If this file exists, program will ask your permission to

overwrite it.

2) Kill Relocations.

All Relocations will be cut if this file is not a dll.

3) ... in Dll.

Relocations are cut out from dll's (!!! MAKE SURE you set "Kill

Relocations" setting ON !!!). To make a optimized working version of the

library, it is needed to make sure that its loading address will not

conflict with programs tha use this library. I recommend to recompile

the library for work at 10000000h address.

4) Wipe Junk.

All rubbish is removed from file, e.g. BoundImport records from header.

5) Copy Overlay.

Overlay will be saved and rejoined to processed file. Usually overlays

are used to store some "rubbish" like path to Debugging info etc, but

sometimes overlay is used to store necessary info for the program, e.g.

in installers overlays are used for storing compressed data.

6) Save.

Settings will be saved after exiting the program, and recovered after

next start of the program.

III. Things to note.

1) Recount of alignments in file is done in any case.

2) Optimization of header is done in any case.

3) You can use this program from the command line (although GUI will load

anyway). Use name of file to process as the first parameter.

For example: peoptim.exe my_file.exe

IV. Version History.

- v1.4 + Slightly rewritten file mapper. Now PE Optimizer correctly process

files compiled with Watcom C and Ada GNAT.

- v1.3 + Bug that happened when opening PE files was fixed (thx. Alexey V.


+ Core of the program was fully re-written.

+ New features added:

- Wipe Junk

- Copy Overlay

- Save Settings

+ Sources are now given away with the binaries.

- v1.2 + HUGE Bug was fixed. I really don't understand how this program

worked with it. :)

+ Extra "fool" protection was added.

- v1.1 * First public release. GUI application.

+ Core of the program is completely re-written.

- All known bugs are fixed, new ones are added :-)

+ Warning about file re-writing is added.

+ Detection of overlays in files is added.

+ Checkup and recalculation of header size is added.

* A lot of vodka is drunk.

- v1.0 * It was a console version, very buggy, was not distributed.

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