Av Twister (Open) by n0v4

Post date: Jan 9, 2010 4:06:45 PM

Joining method: Crude appending of files.

Encryption: Crude Xor.

Memory execution method: CreateProcessEx [XP, Vista].

Special Features: None.

Credits goes to:

Aphex - for writing webexe and CreateProcessEx function.

J3n7il - for his encryption, I am lack of knowledge and interest to write good one.

Coder - n0v4

Compiled D6

Note: If you compile the stub with a different version of delphi or add features, you are likely to change the file size of the stub which is hard-coded into both the builder and the stub. Either find a way to remove the hard-coded file sizes (through resources or otherwise) or change the file size (in bytes) in the stub and the builder project code.

Only delphi source code is included in the winrar archive.