Locating and Installing TServerSocket and TClientSocket

Post date: Mar 9, 2010 9:55:09 PM

If you have installed a newer Delphi version and you have a legacy application using the TServerSocket and TClientSocket components you might not be able to use them. Delphi socket components are no longer installed into the component palette by design. Therefore you will not be able to compile your project.

The package, with the components, needs to be manually located and added to the IDE.

The TServerSocket and TClientSocket components are a part of the "dclsockets" package library.

Here are the steps needed to have them under component palette:

    • From the Delphi IDE menu select Component - Install Packages,
    • Click Add, in the Install Packages dialog,
    • In the Add Design Package dialog, browse to your "RAD Studio\5.0\bin" folder (for Delphi 2007) and select:
      • dclsockets70.bpl for Delphi 7
      • dclsockets90.bpl for Delphi 2005
      • dclsockets100.bpl for Delphi 2006
      • dclsockets100.bpl for Delphi 2007 then click Open.
    • Click Ok. You're done.

TServerSocket and TClientSocket are listed in the Internet category of the Tool Palette.