FineAudio 1.0 by bagie

posted 11 Mar 2010, 18:34 by Delphi Basics   [ updated 8 Jun 2010, 20:01 ]
Small audio player that uses BASS components as a sound engine.

BASS components can be found at: They are also included in the attachment.
One hilarious feature of this audio player is the "Funny LED" effect which lights up your caps/num/scroll lock keys in time with the music so they act as an equalizer. :)

    Coder: bagie
    Compiled: Delphi2007

Full Delphi source code, project binaries and official BASS components are included in the archive.

This project requires the LMD Delphi components to compile:

If the above link is not available, you may use my personal download.
Delphi Basics,
8 Jun 2010, 20:28