Google Cache Viewer

posted 28 Jun 2010, 11:26 by Delphi Basics   [ updated 29 Sep 2010, 06:40 ]
  Google Cache Viewer 
  Coder: Counterstrikewi 
  Compiled: Delphi 2007 

This tool allows you to surf inside Google's cached pages.

Google stores copies of all webpages which it returns in its results for faster searching by the user.  Google made the copies of pages when the site was up.  Therefore, even if the real site is down, the cached pages will still show the content.
Downloads and images are not available.

Google Cache Viewer is tested and working with although it can be used with other websites too.

Only Delphi source code is included in the archive.
Delphi Basics,
28 Jun 2010, 11:34